What are the benefits of a multilingual website?

If you are based in a non-English speaking country, such as a European country or the Nordics, having a multilingual website is something that you should seriously consider.

Benefits For Internationalisation:

First, there is the idea of internationalisation, especially if you have a product or service which has the potential to capitalise in worldwide markets. This is a particular concern if you live in a small country, with a small domestic marketplace. Therefore, having your website in a common tongue as customers, investors or stakeholders has obvious benefits.  This is amplified if you have a website that is in a “difficult” language, such as Finnish and other non-Latin languages, which Google Translate simply can’t decode well enough to provide an accurate translation. Obviously the inverse is true if you are actively targeting other markets. You shouldn’t rely on Google Translate to tell your customers what it is that you are doing.

When you say that all of your customers speak the same language as you, that isn’t because your product or service isn’t suitable for people who don’t speak you language.

The obvious benefit of a multilingual website is that you potentially open up new markets by removing a language barrier.

"Sure, if you aren't clever enough to understand the perfect English that I have written to tell you about my product, you can just put it through Google Translate ... right?

Hello? Are You Still There? Hello?"

Benefits for Domestic & Localised Markets:


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